Refurbishing and renewing the equipment, upgrading to highest possible in both hardware and software aspects and making a system look like new.

Providing quick and professional repair and maintenance work through contract or service call

Trading new equipment with used ones at hospital , health centers and hospices and reselling the used equipment in less affluent of the world upgrading the currently used equipment

Selling new equipment in all imaging modalities

Acting as buying agent for major health and wellness centres worldwide

Creating an aftermarket part centre for users of high –end equipment who could not or would not want to replace the needed parts with OEM supplies

Mobile solution for temporary use

Providing complete range of diagnostic services and healthcare solutions from standalone (fixed or mobile) units through fully integrate managed solutions designed to meet your organisations and your patients’ needs.

Investing as partner to set up imaging centers worldwide

Meeting our customers’ needs by being flexible, responsive and efficient

Understanding the changing healthcare environment and we respond to the challenges your organisation faces

Our proven history of building relationships has established us as a healthcare supplier of choice

Demonstrating / approaching / providing innovative solutions

From a short term mobile solution to a fully integrated partnership we can provide a service to meet your needs.

providing total turnkey solution